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Troubled Wind Farms In Ireland

Troubled windfarms Ireland wind developers liability

Courtesy of Nagle View Turbine Aware

Industrial scale wind farms are dogged by controversy all over the world.

Ireland is no exception.

As projects proposals and developments continue to grow and expand in scale and scope across rural communities, so does the media coverage of noise complaints, court cases and abandoned homes.

Taurbeg Wind Farm, Rockchapel, North Cork
11 x Siemens 2.3MW turbines

Skrine Wind Farm, Roscommon
1 house abandoned
2 x Enercon E70

Castledockrell Wind Farm, Co. Wexford
18 x Enercon E82

Carrigcannon Wind Farm, North Cork
High Court case; wind farm operators admit liability

Athea Wind Farm, Limerick
16 x General Electric turbines, 1.6MW & 2.75MW

Boggeragh Wind Farm, North Cork
House abandoned, High Court proceedings initiated
26 x Nordex N90 & N100

Kilivane Wind Farm, West Cork
High Court proceedings, noise and shadow flicker
3 x Gamesa G850

Ballycurreen Wind Farm, Dungarvan, Waterford
2 x Enercon E85

Raheenleagh Wind Farm, South Wicklow

Sliabh Bán, Roscommon
20 x Siemens SWT 3.2 – 101

Screggagh, Church Hill, & Crighshane Wind Farms, West Tyrone
Cumulative effect of multiple developments

Beallough Wind Farm, East Waterford
2 X Vesta V52

Corkermore Wind Farm, Donegal
5 x Gamesa G80 2MW

Barnafaddock Wind Farm, Waterford
12 x General Electric 2.85-103

Scartaglen Wind Farm, Kerry
15 x Siemens 2.5MW

Meenwaun Wind Farm, Offaly
4 x General Electric 2.75MW

Grouselodge Wind Farm, Limerick


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