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Blackwater Valley Wind Aware is a local community organisation based in West Waterford/ East Cork, with a united interest in protecting against the negative impact of wind farms on our environment, our families and future generations. We are independent of any political ideology or economic interest and are primarily concerned with the wellbeing of our families and community.

Our Mission:

To stop the destruction of rural West Waterford/ East Cork with industrial scale wind farm development.
The proposed development of a wind farm of up to 60Mega Watts along the ridge of hills either side of the Tallow-Youghal/ Pike Road will completely dominate the landscape, destroy a local amenity, impact negatively on the health of families in the area and will potentially pave the way for further industrial wind farm development and pylons in the region.

To promote responsible green energy development which respects the rights of citizens to a normal quality of life.

Compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines on noise can be achieved by responsible positioning of turbines in line with the variations for wind development in the Waterford county development plan as voted for by the majority of councillors in July 2017 but as yet has not been signed in by the County Manager.

The Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union Article 35: Health care extracts states: ‘A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities’.

We have yet to see this with the development of industrial wind farms.

We support energy solutions that will deliver affordable, reliable, consistent power.

Ireland has already reached a staggering 22% of electricity produced by wind yet this only reduces our overall CO2 emissions by a maximum of 2% and possibly less than 1% annually. After 20% capacity of wind on the grid the CO2 reductions tail away completely and the electricity system is put under greater pressure and blackouts ensue.

This has been happening in other European countries such as Germany. So why are we continuing to do this?


There are 10 other forms of renewable energy to use.

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