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Thank you to all local and national media for supporting our local community with coverage of the ongoing community opposition to the proposed Lyrenacarriga Lyre Wind Farm by Innogy Renewables Ireland, Coillte and Highfield Energy.



Residents feel ‘betrayed and let down’ on wind farm issue

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

While Innogy Renewables Ireland Ltd intend holding an information evening in Knockanore on this Thursday from 4-9pm, 'to allow local residents to view and comment on plans to potentially develop a windfarm in the Knockanore area', local residents say they have not been given adequate notice of the meeting.

Cathal Hennessy, Managing Director, Innogy Renewables Ireland Ltd, said they are pleased to be able to share with the community the 'initial information' they have about the potential Lyrencarriga onshore wind farm development 'and welcome all interested residents to attend'.

The Lyrencarriga wind farm is a joint project between Innogy Renewables Ireland and Highfield Energy, with Innogy taking the lead role in development.

Highfield is an established Irish renewable energy company whilst Innogy has considerable experience in developing projects, designing, constructing and operating renewables assets both independently, and together with project partners and investors throughout the world.

Blackwater Valley Wind Aware group who are opposed to the development are aggrieved that the members of the community have been given relatively short notice about the meeting despite the fact that Innogy and Coillte booked the Community Hall in Knockanore on 4th May it is understood.

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